DataQualityDay 2016 at ZEISS Forum on 7th Juli


Product Data Quality decides on sales growth

For the 13th time, experts from marketing, product management and IT meet at the “Infotag of SDZeCOM” in the ZEISS Forum in Oberkochen on 7th Juli – this year under the title “DataQualityDay 2016 – issues, trends, technologies”.
Producers and distributors of B2C and B2B find out which central role product data play in the company’s success and how to generate more customers and more sales with high quality data. In addition to solution-oriented presentations about opportunities and risks, as well as legal aspects, there are also descriptive practice sessions. Finally, participants can ask their questions in a roundtable discussion with all speakers of the day. Rounding out the event with the possibility of a guided tour and a visit to the planetarium of Carl Zeiss AG.

More information and the opportunity for free registration is on

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