EDEN Trend: The Cloud

Register now at www.edenstudy.com and be part of Europe’s first digitalisation study of its kind. Find out your personalised EDEN Level and learn about the latest digital trends. For some the Cloud has become the “old hat” or is simply dismissed with an eye-roll but look again.

The Cloud is on the best way to ultimately disconnect those servers, that occupy basements, dusty and forgotten. A regular hype has broken out in the economy. But why is this trend so dominant? Because digitalisation with its explosively increasing data volume demands high capacity and flexibility of enterprises. The cloud is the right solution for this, as is confirmed by the development of the relation between cloud-based and local data source connections for medium and large size enterprises.
At the end of 2014, the ratio stood at 55 to 45 percent. The following 15 months already exhibited an increase of 28 percent; shifting the ratio further to 70 to 30 percent (as of Q1 2016) 1. Pure cloud services are gaining more and more market shares and now spawn new companies that use those services from the start, also in connection with mobile devices. Yet the popularity of the cloud also holds new challenges. The security of stored data will play an increasingly important role for users. First successful approaches to this topic already exist.
Whatever the future may bring, the trend towards the cloud is fast and certainly irreversible.

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1 Henrik Jörgensen (16 May 2017)

Picture credit: Jörg Bluhm


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