EDEN Day 10


EDEN (European Digital Entity Norm) is the first of its kind and offers new revolutionary insights of the digital future. The Group of Analysts launched with its EDEN survey and study an overview of the current state of digitalisation in European companies.

It’s Day 10 of our EDEN Advent Calendar. Now it’s time to reap the fruits of knowledge.

In early 2017, nearly 40 percent of companies still had no concrete plans in place and had not yet launched any projects towards the digital transformation. You already knew that? Congratulations you got your first points. But if you belong to the 40 percent now it’s your chance to test yourself at www.edenstudy.com.

You think that is interesting and want to know more? It’s your lucky day: Today’s present are the key messages of our survey. Take a look and be surprised by our findings.


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