Customer and employee interaction in the focus of digitalisation

With a new publication form, the Whitepapers, The Group of Analysts will be focusing on exciting topics relating to the digital revolution at irregular intervals. In this Whitepaper, we have tackled together with Intershop the topic of improving and intensifying customer interaction in B2B through digital client portals. We are demonstrating exciting solutions for comprehensive customer self-service, as well as the best possible personal support from sales and after-sales employees of manufacturers and wholesalers, who are equipped with the appropriate tools and information. B2B companies are therefore able to generate added value for their customers while standing out from the competition. It’s an excellent example of the need for the interaction of numerous software markets of the companies’ Information Supply Chain Management.  The presented solutions serve current trends, some of which will be introduced here. Answers will also be provided below to the fundamental question of where the interaction between humans and information technology is heading. After all, it must be ensured in the long term that technology serves people, and not the other way round.

Get the PDFs for free to receive more information on customer and employee interaction in the focus of digitalisation.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: Humans first, technology serves_DE
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: Humans first, technology serves_EN

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Picture by Lotte Meijer on Unsplash


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