Innovative and traditional company strategy


Digital customer portals and apps for sales and after-sales

In order to turn customer interactions into positive experiences and to increase turnover, B2B companies have to define a company-wide, long-term target vision on customer interaction. The target vision concerns both digital as well as traditional challenges in order to meet the changed requirements of business customers. B2B customers are increasingly using online channels with their respective tools and services to do their shopping, without wanting to lose personal support and consultation. This means that companies shouldn’t falsely assume that they can reduce costs by no longer investing in traditional staff and cost-intensive sales channels. On the contrary: they have to invest just as much on reinforcing personal consultation through employees or through their own stationary representatives. This includes customer’s self-service on digital customer portals with online shops, amongst others. Traditional sales departments and technical sales representatives have to receive mobile support through digital devices while local dealers are integrated.

You want to receive more information on customer and employee interaction in the focus of digitalisation? Go ahead and download the Whitepaper for free.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: Humans first, technology serves_DE
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: Humans first, technology serves_EN

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Picture by Lotte Meijer on Unsplash

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