Knowledge on Demand


How Augmented Reality brings knowledge on the shop floor

An openness to dialogue was one of the most important aspects of The Group of Analysts from the very outset. Acting in a partnership-like manner is an essential part of our DNA. This also applies to publications such as the newly-developed Whitepaper format. The objective of this series is to present examples of special achievements and performances that have – against the backdrop of digital change – come to our attention within the context of our assessment activities. Together with our discussion partners, we develop an informative dialogue that provides food for thought. It was for this reason that we did not draft this Whitepaper on our own – it is a collaboration with Bertsch Innovation and Krones.

Get the PDFs for free to receive more information on how Augmented Reality brings knowledge on the shop floor.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: WP_DE_Bertsch
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: WP_ENG_Bertsch

For more information about Bertsch Innovation visit

Picture credit: Tara Moore /Getty Images

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  1. Heiland says:

    Looking forward your insights! Cheers Matthes


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